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Here are bechmark results between Vista and XP [Thanks Thuan - Excellent information!]. As you can see benchmark results below, you will gain 5% - 25% 3dmark performance boost when downgrading from Vista to XP.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately we don't have further info about how this benchmark was performed.

3dmark 2000 24735 25883 +4,6%
3dmark 2001se 23223 28038 +20,7%
3dmark 2003 10835 13699 +26,4% at stock 475/700
14457 +33,4% at 500/750 overcloking
3dmark 2005 7345 8574 +16,7%
3dmark 2006 3770 4651 +23,4%

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when posting your benchmark result.

8600M GT 3DMark06 Benchmarks Using Different nForce/nVision Drivers

Drivers up to 181.00, Updated December 19th 2008

3D Mark 06 Scores:
SM2: Represents the ability to produce Shader Model 2.0 effects
HDR/ SM3: Represents the ability to produce High Dynamic Range lighting and Shader Model 3.0 effects
SM2 + HDR: Represents both the SM2 and HDR scores combined, this column shows the most reliable performance of the driver
Notes: 3D Mark 06 results only show how the drivers perform under 3D Mark 06, they do not necessarily represent the driver's performance in real world games.

Game Scores:
Counter-Strike: Source
Engine: Source
Notes: Contains most effects found commonplace in today's games. It doesn't majorly strain the computer and is a good indication of just how high a graphics driver can pump out extra frames per second

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
Engine: Source
Notes: Same graphics style as Counter-Strike: Source but utilizes more effects, particularly HDR lighting and complex water reflections, though some maps in Counter-Strike: Source offer this, they aren't to be found in the CSS benchmark

Engine: CryEngine 2
Notes: Currently the god of game graphics, on Very High settings that is, it uses a vast range of effects such as Volumetric Clouds, Water Geometry, HDR lighting, Complex Shadows and Shading, Complex Reflections, Complex lighting used by other effects, and a Particle system

No overclocking used in all benchmarks. System tested on is to the left. Benched using 1280x800 no AA in 3D Mark 06

(VISTA64) 3D Mark 06 Scores sorted by Driver Version - Lowest to Highest


(VISTA64) 3D Mark 06 Scores Sorted by SM2 + HDR Score - Lowest to Highest


Counter-Strike: Source is tested with recommended settings, no AA using proprietary benchmark (VIDEO STRESS TEST in game menu)
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast is tested with recommended settings, no AA using proprietary benchmark (VIDEO STRESS TEST in game menu)
Crysis is tested with medium settings, no AA using proprietary GPU benchmark (Benchmark_GPU.bat in Bin32 folder)

The scores represent the average number of frames per second

(VISTA64) GAME BENCHMARKS - Sorted by Driver Version:


(Credit goes to "Covert" from laptopvideo2go forum. For special requests and updates please refer to the original thread)

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