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For the ASUS G1S Notebook drivers, you can find all from the official site or third partner website.

Re: what is this driver? by brianpengbrianpeng, 29 Dec 2015 03:55

Hi SeregDuin,

Thanks for info. Nice to hear that other people are still using Asus G1S!

Yes, I am still using my original Asus G1S running the latest Linux Mint and running Windows XP inside the VirtualBox because some of the development tools are only available for Windows. I haven't had any problems with my G1S, so after these 7 years I may conclude quite safely that my Asus G1S has been a good purchase. :)

Best regards,
- Tomi

Re: Windows 10 by Tomi-G1STomi-G1S, 19 Aug 2015 08:36

I know that no one has posted on this site for a while.
If there is anyone out there still running with a G1S I thought I would let you know that Windows 10 seems to install without any problem (other than the normal problems that come with a new windows release).
My G1S is still running strong and just upgraded my windows7/winxp to windows 10. All went well and all seems to be working (except OLED haven't really tried to do anything with that). Even picked up my WinXP dual boot partition.

Windows 10 by SeregDuinSeregDuin, 19 Aug 2015 04:52

bios: 300
hdd: HITACHI HTS542525K9SA00 (stock)

About year ago i setted master bios password, understand that bios does not accepting the password or I can't type it correctly.
Now i want to reset it. Is it possible?

master bios password problem by grayninjagrayninja, 14 Jul 2012 23:23

That's strange. I also have Fallout 3 installed but the performance was unchanged. I however have Vista 32 bit. I saw some people report the same problem with Vista 64 on Tweakforce forums.

Heres an image of what i'm refering too:

Hi, I'm new to this forum but not to the wiki.

I used this wiki for years, very useful for all the owners of any asus g1, g1s, or g1sn.
For first time I found something that seems it hasn't been tryed yet.

The g1s have a second, not used, mini-pcie on the mother board. Seems usable except for a thing put in the middle that seems for screwing a screw (sorry for my english -.-) and maybe makes it unusable.

I would like to use it to put some flash memory, but firts i need to know if it will work before buy it.

Anybody still here that could help me? I know it's an old laptop, but it's a good one and with some nand memory to put the OS could run maybe one or two years more.

music-what are you listening now?
i preffer classic music and light music ,it make me calm down and relax.
i m listening Joe Hisaishi ,a Japanese musician
share what you are listening here~ :)

game diablo by wishingtreewishingtree, 10 Oct 2011 02:11

Hi HangFire,

Hopefully owners of refurbed G1S find this site still useful, although there has not been too much traffic within the last year or so.

And yes, you are most welcome to contribute to the site :)

- Tomi

Re: Here come the refurbs by Tomi-G1STomi-G1S, 04 Sep 2011 21:17

There comes a time in the product cycle when the warranties all run out… and the retailers, OEMs and warranty handlers dump their product. That time has come for the G1S!

I'm eagerly awaiting my refurb G1S-X1. It seems to be a different combination that usual- a 1.83GHz C2D and 4GB of RAM. Not sure if its an upgrade or what. I hope to be updating the Linux portions of this wiki with my findings. Probably going to try Arch Linux first.


Here come the refurbs by HangFireHangFire, 27 Aug 2011 22:45

I have the same problem but on windows 7
the trick doesn't work for me
what can i do?

Re: Audio Woes by ronenhrronenhr, 30 Jun 2010 06:53

Hi there
I have problem with new wifi card atheros 5008x cant fine any network drivers are installed with no problems but when I turn on the network Fn+F2 after a sec turns off so I download wifi manager but I have radio off cant turn it on… when I fit intel 4965 back all works fine….
I found some similar problem with asus but they have separate switch form wifi in g1s we have just Fn+F2
does anyone can help?

wifi problem by bestbbestb, 28 Jun 2010 18:50

only for US customers, is it any on line store available for UK customers? I need new case

Re: asus parts store by bestbbestb, 28 Jun 2010 18:25

When I try opening LifeFrame it comes up with the following error: The Camera is used by a different program.
I've tried shutting down programs in task manager, reinstalling the camera drivers, uninstalling Skype (it's the only other web cam program I have).
Is there some way to identify what program is using camera, and does any one know what the solution to this issue is.

Web Cam Problem by Johnny ZhivagoJohnny Zhivago, 20 Jun 2010 17:13

Hi I am trying to fix a problem with my sons G1S. Its just under 2yrs old and was fine until a few months ago when it crashed. Reloaded using the Asus Vista recovery DVD and everything was fine for a few weeks then it would not boot up. On attempting to boot it would get so far and then start again in a continuous loop until it was powered off.
The pc was reloaded again but it sometimes runs for only a day until I get the same problem. Last time on trying to boot there was a message saying there was a fault on the registry. It can also take several attempts to recover using the DVD, it will load 100%, display the message windows is preparing to start for the first time, and then a message appears to say it has failed and to load the DVD and try again.

Unfortunately it is out of warranty. I was told by somone that it is probably a hard disk error and I should replace it. I have looked at a Toshiba MK3265GSX drive to replace it with, will this be oK? Anyone got any ideas please. Or should I bin it as reading the forum gives me the impression that the next thing to go will be the motherboard!!

Also does anyone know if I am covered by the sale of goods act. I bought it from PC world and I am sure it should be expected to last over 2yrs.

Possible Hard drive problem? by rich1rich1, 10 Jun 2010 08:53

I had similar problem but with GPU temperature of my G1S. After 1.5 years of nearly everyday gaming my GPU died (black screen all the time, windows is loading fine, playing some startup music but nothing on the screen, even backlight lamp was not turned on and nothing to be seen on the matrix).

Since I was lucky that it happened under warranty, I sent it back to Asus for repair without HDD. It went to some repair company in small city near Vienna, Austria. After one month they send it back with new mainboard installed. Screen was working again, but I couldn't play games anymore. After notebook is powered on in takes about 10 minutes for GPU to get to 105C temperature in idle Windows. And if you start game it goes very fast to 110C and at this temeprature driver is reducing FPS to 5 or so to prevent overheating. Basically you see slide show for couple of minutes and then blue screen of windows in the end. The only chance to play something was to power off laptop, wait for one hour, start it and start the game as soon as possible. But it works only for 5 minutes and it's hot again.

I send it back with HDD inside and installed Left4Dead and CPU/GPU hardware monitor which shows the temperature. They waited till my warranty expires and proposed me a replacement notebook G1Sn with slightly better internals but worse screen resolution (1440x900 instead of 1680x1050). It has 0 month warranty but it works so far. If I will have this problem again I will disassemble it and change the design :)

My collegue at work also had such laptop, but it died after 3 years because of GPU. He wasn't playing games at all, therefore, it took twice longer then mine. So, it's better to kill it faster while still on the warranty, I would say… and a lot of zombies in the process too (I'm playing mainly Left4Dead).

Yer, it's very sad that this laptop has such problems. Especially because it supposed to be gaming laptop. I like it a lot, how it looks and that tiny LCD display which shows current time - very helpful while playing games indeed.

Hey. I had temperature problems too. But they are solved now.
My Laptop DIED. The thermal heatsink paste (CPU) MELTED and spreaded all over the mainboard!
After 2,5 years. First signs were stuttering in UT3.
Now i have an Acer 5740G. Great Laptop, much cooler ;)

So have fun with your G1S and check your thermal heatsink paste!
Asus seems to have long pocket and short arms when cooling Laptops. ;)

How to Use Asus G1S Vista Recovery Partition - this description is wrong. If you press F9 and follow point 2.
"From the "Windows Boot Manager" select "Microsoft Windows Vista" and press ENTER to proceed"

Than you will run Microsoft Windows Vista - You do NOT a recover your system from hard disk! So, in fact this whole description does nothing.

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