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This wiki is dedicated for Asus G1S and how to get most out of your powerful notebook computer and how to tweak it according to your needs. Hopefully you will find this wiki useful!

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About Asus G1S

Origins of This Wiki

The wiki was initially created out of frustration as G1S came only with Windows Vista installed and supported. After a while I wanted to go back (downgrade) to good old Windows XP, but unfortunately Asus doesn't support this downgrade, so there are no official drivers provided by Asus. After very numerous hours of googling and reading various message boards I had what I wanted - Windows XP running on my Asus G1S. I went ahead and bought some more RAM for my G1S - and run into some problems as the BIOS didn't support more than 2GB of RAM. I also wanted to run Linux on my G1S. And this wiki is a collection of information from these experiences. /Tomi

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